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Hi there! 

They say obsessions start when you're young. When I was 8, I was writing to pen pals with stationery sets, creating invitations to fabricated parties, and saving money to buy calligraphy pens.  In short, words, ink, and paper.  I was a meticulous perfectionist who was a perpetual creative dreamer. And I quickly learned that words have power. 

Years later, after a major in English at UCLA,  my fascination with the antique art of letterpress began. I purchased a wonderful, old Chandler & Price that blew my hair back when the motor was turned on -- and voila. Suddenly I was loving what I was doing.  Every meticulous, creative moment. Every day.   


I love celebrating life's big moments by collaborating on custom wedding invitations, birth announcements, and custom stationery (#snailmailforever!)  But, I also love celebrating the small stuff (isn't champagne a staple in your home, too?) The work victory, the child-who-finally-napped victory, the "He asked!" victory, the you're-at-the-end-of-yourself-and-you're-still-standing victory. With that, my greeting card line is slowly being born. Each card is perfectly blank inside for your lovely words of hope, celebration, sharing in sorrow -- powerful words that can cross miles, bridge gaps and forge connection. 



When I'm not chasing my not-so-smallish-anymore kids around, my hands are covered in ink, my brain is ticking with new design ideas and I'm thankful. So very thankful. It's an honor to bring my clients' vision to life through paper and ink. I hope you'll be one of them!  xoxo